Why Soul Slings?

‘Soul’ – comfortable, fashionable, and affordable ring slings you will be proud to flaunt as your best parenting accessory!

Soul Slings are made from 100% natural fibers and use strong, durable aluminum rings. They are fully adjustable baby carriers; one size fits all. Soul Slings can be your newborn baby carrier and be used to carry your toddler as well!

Soul Slings combine fashion with functionality, and let you conveniently work, browse through a mall, go for a walk or put your baby to sleep at the same time. Nursing in public is also no longer a problem, as the tail of the sling doubles as a discreet nursing cover! Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to nurse in a ring sling.

Our baby carriers are comfortable and allow you to carry the baby in an ergonomically correct position without undue strain to the shoulder, neck or back. They are extremely easy to carry along, fitting quickly into your handbag. Caring for your sling is also hassle free, as it can be machine washed or hand washed in cold water, with a mild detergent.

Soul offers baby slings in different types of fabrics, colors, and patterns to suit different needs! We are constantly experimenting with new fabrics to design comfortable and affordable ring slings. Therefore, each set of Soul Slings may be available in limited numbers. Please understand that once a color is sold out it might never repeat. So in that sense, they are unique designer pieces.

Soul Slings are...

Made out of 100% pure natural fibers.

Natural fiber fabric is the best material for baby slings and wraps! Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool are naturally antimicrobial. They are able to regulate temperature in hot and humid climates. Natural fibers absorb water or moisture faster and dry quickly, keeping you and your baby comfortable and dry. Natural fibers also have low dust absorption keeping your baby healthy while outdoors.


We at Soul strive to create a happier world together, as every parent can benefit from babywearing. Babywearing in India is still relatively new with a majority of parents yet to discover the world of baby carriers. Since we are based out of India, we strive to make our baby carriers affordable to Indian parents, and so our ring slings are priced affordably!


Each Soul Sling is handcrafted in-house and created with utmost care and precision. We have very strict quality control in place too. We only use safety tested and certified rings made for baby wearing. Our fabrics are personally tested before we release our carrier to our customers. We are members of BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and CPSIA(The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant.

Handwoven by skilled weavers

All our cotton ring slings use fabric handwoven by skilled weavers in different parts of India including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and North East Indian states. Weavers from these locations come together to form Weavers Co-operative Society that comply with fair trade practices. These cooperatives support small scale weavers who have years of experience and expertise but find it challenging to find work in the modern machine loom textile manufacturing industry.

Supports small-scale artisans and weavers

By working closely with cooperatives, Soul aims to support individual artisans, weavers, humble textile communities, villages, and small-scale handloom centers that have been forced to go out of commission. We strive to preserve century old traditional and local textile hand weaving practices.

Supports local economy

All our baby carriers are locally produced, using local materials as we support our local economy. They are handcrafted in-house by our skilled employees with many years of experience. Soul believes that employees produce the most beautiful and safe carriers when working in a safe, happy and comfortable work environment. Therefore we value every member of the Soul studio. 

Have a very low environmental impact

Soul Sling products are manufactured from natural fibers and are biodegradable benefiting the environment in the long run. Our ring slings are elegantly packed in ecofriendly packaging as we believe in sustainable living.