Soul full buckles baby carriers are made out of 100% woven cotton jacquard wraps, they are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable for all weather conditions. Our full buckles are very easy to use and highly adjustable – they can be used by parents as well as other caregivers among friends and family since they are one size fits all! Buckles make them very quick and hassle-free. They are designed to carry the baby in a comfortable, ergonomic and natural position, which is ideal for his/her growing body. When worn correctly, these full buckle carriers distribute the weight of the baby evenly on your own body, and help you comfortably carry your baby for long periods. They can be worn in front and also back carries. 

With Soul full buckles carrying your baby is not only easy and comfortable but also stylish and fashionable! We offer a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from so there is something for everybody!



·      Weight recommendation – 7-18 kg

·      Seat width – 15.5 inches

·      Body panel height – 17 inches

·      Made from 100% woven cotton jacquard wraps


·      Designed to be used in 2 positions: front and back carry

·      Provides an ergonomic ‘m’ position seat for your baby

·      PFA (Perfect Fit Adjusters) allow perfectly customized fits and make breastfeeding on the go easy

·      Three-way adjustable shoulder straps provide the best fit for every body

·      Contoured body panel looks sleek and elegant, while providing a comfortable and snug fit

·      Wide, softly padded shoulders offer optimum weight distribution and comfort

·      Soft and lightly padded waistband provides maximum support and comfort, even when you sit down wearing your baby

·      Thigh padding for your baby’s comfort

·      Wide and comfortable adjustable hood

·      Weighs less than 600 grams and folds up small and compact enough to fit in your handbag!


·      Safety tested best quality heavy-duty buckles and webbing.

·      Tested for ASTM F2236.

·      Designed and hand made at our studio here in Bangalore, India 


*Soul is proud to be a budget friendly brand. Our affordable products might have some cosmetic flaws like skipped threads, knots, snubs and nubs, slight thread shifting or large floats. None of them affect the functionally of the product.*